Amazon FBA Enroll

Increase your sales Upto 3x Speed by choosing Amazon FBA

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Benefits of Choosing Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)


Your inventory will store on Amazon Warehouse and they will take care of shipping to your customers. Now you can save your time so that you can focus your on business grow.


Your product will able to get Prime tag and eligible for one day or two day delivery option, it will increase your customer shopping experience or it will increase your sales revenue.


After enroll in FBA you will be able to fulfill your order using Cash on Delivery Facility and get the fund deposited directly in your bank account.

How Does FBA Works?

  • After enrolled FBA program, you will need to register there filfill center as an additional place of business for you with the tax authorities.
  • you will need to list your products and unit quantities in advance to be fulfiled.
  • You prepare and label your products and packages for shipping.
  • You have to ship your products to Amazon.
  • Amazon receive your products and store your product units in there FBA center.
  • They will ship securely your orders directly from Amazon’s fulfillment center to the customers.

Will my products be safe in Amazon’s fulfillment center?

All fulfillment centers in the Amazon fulfillment network are secure facilities with highly automated pick, pack and ship processes to facilitate the safe and timely processing of merchant orders. Features include the following:
  • 24-hour security staff in fulfillment center.
  • Fully automated wireless and computer-networked order tracking throughout the facility.
  • High-value secure cage storage.