Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon brand Registry ?

Whether a manufacturer is small or big, You can register your brand with Amazon and gain control over the listing as per you want.
Amazon Brand Registry Program is designed for a brand owner (Who have registered Trademark) to help enroll his/her brand with Amazon to access enhanced brand features and have complete control over the brand. This feature can help you to increase your sales in marketplace and list your product over A+ content.

Amazon brand registry expert
Amazon brand registry expert

Benefits of Amazon brand registry

Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to tools that enable you to more accurately represent your brand, find and report violations, and share information that can help Amazon proactively prevent violations.

Accurate Brand Representation

Gives you more control over Amazon product pages that use your brand name, so customers are more likely to see the correct information associated with your brand.

Powerful Search and Report Tools

Search tools that help in finding cases of potential infringement: Global Search, Image Search and Bulk ASIN search.

Predictive Protections

These proactive measures attempt to identify and remove potentially bad listings. The more brands share in Brand Registry with Amazon the more they can help protect your brand.

Brand-Building Benefits

Build and grow your business by taking advantage of A+ Content, Storefronts, and Sponsored Brands.

We are here to help you to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry Service.

Brand Registry Price

For Amazon/Flipkart Both
499 INR Per Brand